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The Academy exists to develop a range of tools and processes to help people in organisations to manage the political landscape more effectively.

Our belief is that by applying a set of appropriate skills and strategies the politics of your organisation can be a positive force for good and assist you and your colleagues to be even more effective.

Our products:

  • The 1 day positive organisational politics workshop - an in house or public programme (details here)
  • The political intelligence profile/diagnostic (details here)
  • The Executive political intelligence Coaching profile (details here)
  • Our One to One Executive Coaching on organisational politics (details here)
  • The 'Workplace politics' Pocketbook (details here)

A 2 Minute Video Introduction to What We Do and How You Can Benefit

Free Resources

Have a look at our 'Free Resources' page where you will find a number of useful downloads on organisational politics.

Free political environment Check-up

Try out the 'How political is my organisation?' questionnaire to see how well your organisation is doing in this critical area.

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Our political intelligence solutions

To find out what type of political animal you are and how you can become politically intelligent to manage the politics in your organisation, then you need to complete our political intelligence™ diagnostic. This will give you practical information on how to develop additional skills and behaviours to make you and your organisation more productive. Click on the picture opposite to access the diagnostic questionnaire. You will then receive a comprehensive 36 page development profile.

To discover, as a Manager or Coach, about the benefits of using the Executive political intelligence Coaching profile click on the picture opposite. This political intelligence™ diagnostic is to be used in one to one Executive Coaching sessions where your Coachee needs to improve their capabilities in and around organisational politics. The diagnostic provides information on the beliefs and behaviours of the Coachee and a comprehensive development profile which provides full and practical information on what needs to change in the workplace to be more effective.

Purchase the 'Workplace politics' Pocketbook by David Bancroft-Turner of The Academy that covers a range of practical tools and techniques to more positively manage the politics in your organisation. This link takes you to an external website - Click on the picture of the book opposite.

Political Intelligence Profile

Executive Political Intelligence Caching Profile

Workplace Politics Pocketbook

The one day 'Positive organisational politics' workshop venues and dates:

London, Amsterdam and Manchester


25th Sept

6th Oct

13th December


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The one day 'Positive organisational politics' SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR THE NHS Venue and dates:

  • London - 2019
  • 12th July
  • 25th August

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Licensing dates

In 2019

  • August 1/2
  • November 23/24


  • February 16/17

Special Middle East Licensing - 2020

  • 5/6 April
  • 21/22 November

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Tip of the day

In meetings ask selected people what their current challenges are and then when you next meet ask how they are getting on.

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