Academy for Political Intelligence

Become Licensed

When you become licensed you can:

  • Deliver the 1 day positive organisational politics' workshop
  • Use the political intelligence profile diagnostic
  • Use the Executive Coaching version
  • Integrate any of the above into your other Leadership Development workshops e.g. influence, project management and change
  • Increase your business, profitability and make your clients even more satisfied

Becoming licensed involves:

  • Attending a 2 day workshop where you will meet the developers of political intelligence
  • Having enough organisational experience to talk about the subject with credibility
  • Having high levels of facilitation and training skills
  • Joining a group of over 80 people who are licensed worldwide
  • Becoming a member of the Academy's faculty which gives you access to continuing resources and support
  • Marketing support for your business
  • Paying a fee of £1500 plus vat

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