Academy for Political Intelligence

The one day political intelligence ™ workshop

Improve your levels of political awareness

Our unique and practical 1 day workshop that addresses the negative aspects of organisational politics.

Objectives and benefits

  • Really understand what is and isnít organisational politics
  • Determine how political your working environment is
  • Follow the 6 Stage process to becoming more politically positive
  • Learn about and how to quickly recognise the 4 different types of political animals that exist
  • Looking out for and recognising political behaviours
  • How to construct appropriate and productive responses
  • Practice real life political challenges and dilemmas
  • Create more productive and effective working relationships
  • How to manage difficult political colleagues
  • Reduce frustration, anxiety and stress
  • Work productively with people you don't like
  • Get things done in your organisation in spite of the 'politics'
  • Not becoming a 'victim'

The workshop includes the Political intelligence profile and delegates will also be provided with the Management pocketbook Ė Workplace politics by David Bancroft-Turner, Managing Director of The Academy.

Click here for information on the book

Workshop venues and dates:
  • London
    17 February, 8 April, 10 June
  • Birmingham
    17 March, 7 May, 7 July
  • Manchester
    18 February, 1 June, 8 July

  • All workshops £395 plus vat
  • To book a place call us on 01832 272097
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