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Managing in a Matrix - The NEW workshop from The Academy

A practical 2 day workshop for all levels of mangers working in:

  • Matrix structures
  • Project environments
  • Process streams
  • Outsourced functions
  • Shared Service functions

The workshop covers a range of critical behaviours, skills and strategies to increase productivity and profitability.

  • The difference between Hierarchy and Matrix working and how to migrate and keep on track
  • The 7 key capability areas you need to make a Matrix work
  • The Matrix communication skills and processes
  • Matrix conflict How it occurs and how to effectively and proactively manage
  • Power, politics and personal influencing preferences
  • Constructive 3 stage process on providing stakeholder feedback
  • Working on delegate real life challenges and dilemmas
  • Action planning and setting up for success back in the workplace

The Benefits You will:

  • Be clear on what a Matrix is and the 7 fundamental activities/behaviours/strategies to make it work effectively
  • Understand how relationships, power and politics affect the working of the Matrix
  • Identify the critical relationships within the Matrix and how to manage these more effectively
  • Improve your personal performance through the completion of the 84 item Matrix diagnostic which will determine for you the priority development areas to raise performance
  • Build highly productive collaborative relationships and manage conflict proactively

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Matrix workshop dates and venues:


  • Birmingham and Manchester December 20/21 March
  • London and Amsterdam
    17/18 August
  • All workshops £795 plus vat
  • To book a place call us on +44 (0)1832 272097 or +44 (0)7958 798389
Try the new and unique Matrix Diagnostic

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