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Effective Influencing

We can provide training to improve the influencing skills and behaviours to our staff. This we must do. However if they don’t understand and manage the political landscape we may as well save our money – the skills will be useless.

Our approach since has been to blend the two. Influencing skills with political intelligence™ – a potent and effective approach to making our client training programmes a worthwhile investment.

Objectives of a typical workshop – 2 days, with optional follow up day


  • Be absolutely clear as to what is and what isn’t influence and when it should and shouldn’t be used
  • Learn that influence is a process and to use our unique five stage model of effective influencing
  • Learn the impact of your own personal influencing style and that of others
  • Consider how to flex your style in order to influence with others to achieve win/win outcomes
  • Understand your own political preferences, how these are seen by others and how to influence effectively in different political environments
  • Develop a higher level of political intelligence™ and to create a more positive political climate
  • Practice a key number of effective communication skills
  • Develop the capability to influence in all situations, including up, down and across functions
  • To create a plan of action for subsequent implementation back into the workplace

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