Academy for Political Intelligence

Politics of Leadership

Leadership is critical in today’s organisations and effective Leadership is unfortunately a rare commodity. Organisations spend considerable amounts of money training their people to be more effective leaders but do they provide development on what has been called the ‘missing leadership competency’ – the political skills to manage the organisational landscape and to create a positive environment for others to excel?

What makes us unique?

Our leadership programmes contain what you would expect from a leading provider to a number of the largest organisations in the world but what we also do is to include our unique ‘political intelligence’ process that really makes the difference, bringing to life the practical challenges that leaders really face and how to manage these in a win/win situation.

This is very different from many of the books that exist where Machiavellian traits are encouraged and win/lose situations recommended. Our approach to political leadership is all about being positive and securing an effective outcome for both individual and organisation. It is possible and we will show you how.

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