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David Bancroft-Turner spoke at the BPE conference in London on 22/23rd September 2009 hosted by IQPC and here is his podcast that covers the subject of political intelligence.

Research Reports

  • To what extent does organisational politics affect the career progression of women?
  • Organisational politics are a major cause for stress Extract From Roffey Park Article 2008
  • Three power point slides summarising the positive and negative affects of organisational politics
  • Do you work with some ferocious Foxes?? this checklist may help you to think about how you can work with them more effectively
  • Confused by organisational politics? Here are some definitions that may help, some positive and some not so!!
  • Book list with recommendations
  • Training Journal article published in Training Journal 'Psst Organisational politics is about to go positive' Bancroft-Turner and Morley
  • Managers Tire of office politics interesting article from Roffey Park on the effects of politics on managers (2007)
  • Purchase the Management Pocketbook 'Workplace politics' here
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