Academy for Political Intelligence

The Academy for political intelligence

What do we do and who are we?

We believe organisational politics has been called 'the missing leadership competency'.


Because you can have all the skills and knowledge about your own discipline but if you cannot manage effectively the political environment of your own and client organisations then you will never be as influential as you need to be.

Here at the Academy we are dedicated helping people to develop the behaviors to manage politics positively and to be more effective for themselves, the people they work with AND their organisations

The Academy exists in order to:

  • Run a range of training workshops on the subject of organisational politics that lead to a measurable improvement in performance
  • Produce other resources for people to use – Books, articles, diagnostics
  • Communicate that organisational politics can be a positive force for all concerned
  • Act as a focal point for all matters political, encouraging and enabling individuals and organisations to address this critical area with positive outcomes
  • Provide expertise, help and advice on all matters relating to organisational politics

We are a group of over 80 people, based worldwide who are all dedicated to making the world of work a better place for all and to make sure that organisations are as effective and productive as they can be. The Academy Headquarters are in the UK – click here to see where we are based around the world. Become licensed and join us!

Should you have any questions or areas of clarification about any aspect of this website then please do contact us here.

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