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Here you will find a range of free resources, lots of information on the subject of organisational politics and questionnaires to measure aspects of politics such as ‘how political is your organisation?’

You can also undertake our unique political intelligence diagnostic and receive the results to help you to become even more politically positive. You will receive your own personalised development track that contains massive amounts of tips, techniques, skills and behaviours that you can implement in your workplace immediately.

The research we have shows clearly that over 70% of the working population positions organisational politics in the negative. The resources that exist to help people in this area focus mainly on ‘how to get them before they get you’ or worse ‘how to get them without being caught’.

Our approach is very different. Organisational politics has been with us since the dawn of time and will not go away – an ostrich approach will not work – and may only succeed in you becoming a victim. Our approach is a pragmatic, assertive and adult way to manage the negative aspects and to encourage you to use a range of skills and behaviours to make you and your part of the organisation more politically positive. Since the year 2000 we have helped over 3000 people to bring about positive politics in their organisations.

Read our feedback page for a selection of comments and visit our case studies section for 3 of our favorites.

Enjoy the rest of the visitor’s area, do complete our diagnostic and reap the benefits of being politically intelligent.

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