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How political is your organisation?

Removing the Political Mask

To establish how political your organisation is, rate each statement as: Very familiar, Partly true or Rarely applies

The reorganisation of departments and responsibilities always seems to favour some parties more than others.

Decisions come out of the blue when it is clear that they have been discussed in secret for months.

People are often running each other down – but never to their face.

On occasions you find others have got the recognition for what was your hard work.

There is a distinct impression that decisions have already been made ahead of meetings taking place.

Some people seem far more interested in their own goals than doing what is best for the organisation.

Promotions and appointments do not always seem to reflect individual’s abilities.

Finding out who caused the problem often takes precedence over looking for the solution.

The rumour mill frequently seems better informed than the formal communication channels.

The culture within the organisation is very competitive, yet the external competition hardly seems to get mentioned.

How political …

Please answer all the questions above to see how political your organisation is!

Score of 30
A very high score achieved by only 3% of individuals typically in large public organisations
Scores of 20 to 29
High scores, experienced by a wide range of organisations, small and large in both the public and private sectors. Approximately 64%
Scores of 15 to 19
A moderate political environment experienced by 28% of clients
Scores of 10 to 14
A low score, typically found in new start ups, recent recruits or ironically by Executive Management who believe that their own organisations aren’t political. For Senior and Middle Managers this is far from reality. About 4%
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