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Our clients range from the largest to the smallest, public and private, worldwide.

The effects of organisational politics are experienced by a very wide range of people and we continue to assist them with creating a more positive political climate.

We currently have 62 associates licensed to deliver the political intelligence workshop and they operate in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Nigeria.

Clients who have experienced political intelligence:

  • Lloyds/TSB
  • ACNielsen
  • Sony
  • Pfizer
  • Abbey National
  • Agip
  • Environment Agency
  • Rexam
  • Sara Lee
  • HBOS

‘What they say’ –

A selection of feedback from our clients on our political intelligence programmes

Really enjoyed it – looking forward to putting it into practice
I wish I had this 20 years ago – my life would have been very different
Very useful framework within which to take forward a difficult to pin down area
Overall I enjoyed the day and found it very worthwhile attending.
I particularly liked to discover about myself and what I could do differently to become more politically aware. I now fully appreciate the benefits of POSITIVE politics.
Very enjoyable and productive. Can definitely see how this can be used in the workplace.
Overall I found the workshop both interesting and useful. It raised my level of self awareness and gave both potential strengths and consequences both positive and negative for my style.
Got to talk to a range of people about their experiences in our company, making the course material and messages more personal
Fabulous course – enjoyed it.
Having a diverse range of experience (business area, age, seniority) was particularly valuable, really adding value to group discussions and providing a valuable learning environment (a good complement to grad only sessions). The course touched the surface of a very interesting and worthwhile subject.
Got a lot of value from the course, and have since been more aware my behaviour and that of others around me. I found the model used to be a constructive framework, which provided some useful and practical suggestions. I feel that to extract maximum value from the one day course, a good amount of self-study is needed, as well as practice back in the day-to-day job. In particular this relates to the course materials, which we did not have time to cover fully (this is a positive statement on the quality and depth of the materials, rather than a negative statement on the delivery of the course).
I did find the animal models they used of politics very interesting, and it was great being able to find out what sort of ‘animal’ I am, and how I can enhance things about my behaviour to make other people in the organisation view me slightly differently – this is definitely something I can use in my everyday role. I also found it useful to meet other people from the organisation and to discuss their views on politics too – I definitely feel that I made some valuable contacts during the day!
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