Academy for Political Intelligence

What is political intelligence (pi)?

pi is a distinct set of skills and behaviours that are needed by people working in organisations all over the world in order to manage effectively the political landscape.

In other words this means:

  • Recognising and understanding how your organisation REALLY works
  • Appreciating how decisions are REALLY made and how you can influence this process
  • Understanding the concept of power in an organisation and developing alternative and additional sources of power to become more influential
  • Following how information flows around your organisation and making sure you are ‘tapped’ into the key points on it’s journey
  • Making sure you have a network that provides you with a supporting framework to make things happen
  • Having absolutely first class communication skills ensuring crystal clear clarity at all levels
  • Appreciating that you will be perceived as a political animal in your organisation and learning how to manage that for your own and the organisations’ benefit.

In summary – for you to use political behaviour positively for the benefit of you, your colleagues and the organisation.

It is no coincidence that our core one day workshop is called – ‘positive organisational politics’. Click here to complete our diagnostic to see how politically intelligent you are.

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